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Order no: 15509521
Publication: ENC Internet
Start Date: 01/13/2020
Expires: 01/27/2020
NOTICE OF SERVICE BY PROCESS BY PUBLICATION NORTH CAROLINA, PAMLICO COUNTY IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT DIVISION FILE NO. 19 CVD 228 Pamlico County, A Body Politic and Corporate vs. Unknown Heirs at Law of Billy Dean Anders TO: Unknown Heirs at Law of BILLY DEAN ANDERS Take notice that a pleading seeking relief against you has been filed in the above-entitled action. The nature of the relief being sought is as follows: Foreclosure sale to satisfy unpaid property taxes owing to Pamlico County on your interest in the property described as follows: On the east side of the Horn Road in Lowland, BEGINNING in the eastern edge of said road at Lawrence Graham Ballance's northwestern corner, and running northwardly with the road edge 35 yards; thence eastwardly parallel with the Sadler lead ditch 35 yards; thence southwardly 35 yards to the Sadler lead ditch; thence westwardly with the Lead Ditch, Lawrence Graham Ballance's north line, to the point of BEGINNING, containing one-fourth (1/4) acre, more or less. Subject to easements, restrictions and rights of way of record, and matters of survey. Also being identified as Parcel ID# M012-6, Pamlico County Tax Office. Address: (M012-6) Horne Road, Lowland, NC Plaintiff seeks to extinguish any and all claims and interests that you may have in the property, to have a commissioner appointed to sell the Property and to deliver to the purchaser a deed to said real estate in fee simple, free and clear of all encumbrances, and that the interests and equities of redemption of the Defendants in the property be forever barred and foreclosed. You are required to make defense to such pleading not later than February 24, 2020 and upon your failure to do so the party seeking service against you will apply to the court for the relief sought. This day of December 31, 2019. John J Aldridge Attorney for Plaintiff 600-A Centrepark Drive Asheville, North Carolina 28805 (828)252-8010 January 13, 20, 27, 2020 (adv)

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